Automate Patient Privacy Monitoring Using Advanced Artificial Intelligence
With Haystack iS

Discover the next generation in patient privacy monitoring: Haystack™ iS. Using artificial intelligence and more than 16 years of monitoring experience, Haystack iS is positioned to help your privacy experts detect anomalous behavior earlier than ever before. Haystack iS helps you save time with the ability to analyze every access to PHI, remove false positives and show your staff only truly suspicious behavior. Haystack iS easily integrates with any EHR. We have experience working with a wide range of vendors — so no matter what your system configuration, Haystack iS has you covered.


Haystack iS
Haystack iS Advanced Virtual Assistant AVA

Meet AVA – Our New Advanced Virtual Assistant That Makes Patient Privacy Monitoring Easier Than Ever Before


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Breach Detection

The Haystack iS audit strategy uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to learn your health systems patterns, therefore removing false positives. This effectively eliminates the need for manual reports and preliminary audit steps that are present in some other systems. 

Patient Privacy Monitoring and Breach Detection

Incident Investigation

Because of the advanced artificial intelligence, privacy experts can focus on truly suspicious behavior, reducing the time required for investigations. The Manager’s Portal automates documentation of investigations between the Privacy Auditor and the department managers, keeping all documentation within Haystack iS. 

Patient Privacy Monitoring and Incident Investigation

Documentation and Reporting

Haystack iS leverages a simple, intuitive User Interface that provides at-a-glance management of alerts to possible violations by summarizing suspicious findings into an Executive Dashboard. Privacy Officers can easily manage all aspects of patient privacy monitoring, including OCR-compliant documentation.

Haystack iS Patient Privacy Reporting

Advanced Virtual Assistant

Streamline detection, investigation and reporting with your own Advanced Virtual Assistant – AVA. Built into Haystack iS, AVA removes the back and forth between EHR users and your Privacy Officer by automating the entire process. When a user engages in possible suspicious activity, AVA follows up with a questionnaire to gain deeper insight, and reports the incident to your privacy team.

Haystack iS Advanced Virtual Assistant AVA


Patient Privacy Monitoring Feature - Detection


Anomalous activity with advanced Artificial Intelligence

Patient Privacy Monitoring Feature - Investigate


Incidents seamlessly by routing to managers for review

Patient Privacy Monitoring Feature - Report


Breaches easily with OCR-compliant documentation

Patient Privacy Monitoring Feature - Automation and AI


With an Advanced Virtual Assistant – AVA – to question and report on possible suspicious activity

Patient Privacy Monitoring Feature - HIPAA Compliance


With the OCR and other regulatory bodies

Patient Privacy Monitoring Feature - False Positives


False positives to improve staff efficiency


Haystack iS is ONC HIT 2015 Edition certified. Learn more. ONC CERTIFIED HIT® is a registered trademark of HHS.