Report Writing for Other HIS Solutions

From vendor extracts to system migrations, report writing for other HIS systems can be extensive and extremely time-consuming. This is the type of work that you likely don’t want to bog down your current writing staff.

At iatricSystems, our report writing team can go in and get the job done – and fast. Whether you’re looking to provide extra capacity to your existing report writing staff or to fill in gaps where there is no CPSI, McKesson, or other-delivered solution, you can count on our certified report writers to provide the additional support to help you get the job done.

Vendor Extracts

Can't get a 340B or costing or decision support file out of your clinical or business system? We can. Grant our experts access to the database and we'll handle the rest. 


System Migrations

Moving to a new system? We’ve done dozens, if not hundreds of system migrations, both to whole new platforms, and to new versions of old ones. Our approach is to build exactly the files (format and data structure) that the target system needs to load, so there’s fewer steps in the process, end to end, and the project as a whole runs as smoothly as possible. 

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Become Self-Sufficient with Mentoring

We match up your CPSI, McKesson, or other HIS programmers with our experts, 1-on-1, on an as-needed basis, so your team doesn’t spin their wheels or get bogged down searching for solutions we’ve already developed. 


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