Seamless MEDITECH Data Extraction and Archival

No matter the size of your hospital, changing or updating EHR systems can be a daunting task. The problem is, although it’s easier for EHR vendors to start with a clean slate, it leaves healthcare organizations with outdated systems and historical data that are costly to maintain. 

With our Data Extraction Suite, organizations can remove outdated and unsecure MEDITECH servers with a one-time data extract and put an end to costly annual maintenance fees. After the data is migrated, organizations retain a front-end application to view migrated MEDITECH data and create frequently used reports.

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Data Extraction Suite

The Data Extraction Suite consists of two products that work together to migrate, archive, and view your legacy MEDITECH data with the confidence it will be secure, accurate, and compliant with data retention requirements. The Data and Report Packager and Visual Archive.


Data and Report Packager

This data extract utility connects directly at the data structure level allowing for fast, complete, and accurate copies of data at a lower cost than other extraction methods. With a one-time data export, organizations can effectively migrate legacy data, decommission outdated servers, and create a more secure network.


Visual Archive

Once MEDITECH data is migrated and the server decommissioned, sites will still need a way to view the data. With the Visual Archive, organizations retain a front-end application to view migrated MEDITECH data. In addition to displaying reports and clinical information, the Visual Archive can incorporate third-party SQL- based data for custom clinical views.


Custom Reports

Our team of experienced report writers can help create frequently used MEDITECH standard and custom reports after the system is shut down, including ROI reports. Easily filter data by patient or report identifiers such as medical record number, account number, social security number, name, type of report, or any other SQL-based data to quickly view the information you need.




Data Retention

Comply with state and federal regulations while reducing costs.


Enhance Security

Decommission outdated servers and create a more secure network.


Ease Staff Constraints

Save on training and resources, as the data resides on current systems.


Front-End Viewer

Retain a front-end application to view migrated MEDITECH data.


Web-Based Viewer

Access clinical and financial archive data with a secure web-based viewer.


Custom Reports

Create frequently used MEDITECH standard and custom reports.

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