Conduct Continual Tracking of All Patients to Detect Sepsis Early

Time matters when dealing with sepsis. Sepsis ManagementTM helps you detect sepsis earlier to improve outcomes and reduce sepsis mortality rates.


Detect signs of sepsis quickly

by continually monitoring clinical data that identifies all at-risk patients.

Immediately attend to high-risk patients

by alerting clinicians and physicians to changes in clinical data.

Make sepsis data easy to see

by putting it where clinicians are already engaging with your EMR.

Monitor all five stages and risk levels

inside the ER and out.


Build a database of sepsis history

to identify problem floors and/or physicians.

Customize alerts, dashboards, displays, and reports

with this system-agnostic solution.

Automatically analyze patient data

to improve processes and patient outcomes.


Learn How to Integrate Clinical Analytics into Your Continuum of Care

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Continually score patients

Provides sepsis status on all levels — negative, SIRS, possible sepsis, severe sepsis, and sepsis shock.


reveals possible problem areas

Builds a historical view (years of data) and analytics that let you see issues and make improvements in processes.


sends customizable alerts

Lets you send customized alerts over any or all forms of communication: mobile, voice, text, email, etc.


sepsis information appears on emr

Caregivers and other workers can get sepsis information in your EMR without having to alter their daily workflow.


helps catch sepsis in earlier stages

Automatic analysis of patient data immediately alerts clinicians to signs of sepsis long before the patient goes into septic shock.

Start reducing mortality rates with early sepsis treatment

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