Detect Drug Diversion and Streamline Investigations with DetectRx™

Drug diversion is costly for hospitals in numerous ways including the cost of the stolen drugs, patient safety, employee wellness, and potential lawsuits.1 An estimated 80% to 93% of drug diversion in hospitals remains undetected.2 DetectRx™ examines medication activity from multiple systems and detects signs of drug diversion previously out of reach. DetectRx™ allows you to streamline investigations with customizable settings that help find and stop drug diversion. This eliminates uncertainty with solid, actionable evidence. Protect your patients, employees, and your hospital — deploy DetectRx.™


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Assembles a Complete Picture

DetectRx receives data feeds from the three main systems associated with dosing events: electronic medical records (EMRs), Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs), and timekeeping systems that track staffing assignments. This timely access to pertinent data enables DetectRx to find evidence that previously would require a time-consuming review of manual reports. 


Provides In-Depth Visibility and Control

DetectRx’s easy-to-use management dashboard provides a clear view of diversion events, ranked in order of risk along with details of what contributed to the score. Other features that managers appreciate include the ability to track investigation status, the powerful searching and sorting functions, and insights into trends and areas that need improvement. 


Speeds and Optimizes Investigations

DetectRx includes an Advanced Virtual Assistant (AVA) that minimizes the time you spend on manual tasks while improving the chance of identifying and containing a true diversion event. AVA can trigger alerts, request information, and track responses based on your predefined parameters, helping you provide necessary information for HR and regulatory agencies. 


Applying Machine Learning and Advanced Algorithms

DetectRx evaluates all medication activity in near real time1, applying machine learning and expert-written rules to identify anomalies that require further investigation while drastically reducing false positives. The analysis includes pain scores, dosing levels, people working off-shift/off-location, and other data points, probing for any unacceptable activity that drug users could previously get away with. 

1 - As soon as data feeds are received




Drives Out Uncertainty

Utilize your hospital's EMR, ADCs, and timekeeping systems to deliver timely and pertinent data.


Compliance Monitoring

DetectRx™ can be configured to monitor for other medication administration non-compliance that helps you meet Joint Commission standards, Core Measures and Certifications.


Improve Investigations

Improve detection accuracy and utilize AVA to track and request information to provide the necessary data for an investigation.


Protects Reputation

When undetected drug diversion hits the news, hospitals pay a high price. Let DetectRx™ provide the protection you need.


Fast Response Time

When high-risk events occur, email/SMS alerts and solid evidence enable fast, targeted response.


Easy Implementation and Use

DetectRx™’s easy-to-use management dashboard provides a clear view of diversion events, ranked in order of risk.


Analytics at the Ready

Instantly view diversion and non-compliance trends and see where improvement is needed (information that is very difficult to compile manually).

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