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Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) Services

Partner with EMPI experts to receive strategic guidance and get a custom roadmap to meet your record matching goals.


Request a Patient Matching Quality Assessment

Assess Your EMPI Needs

EMPI experts can perform a complete evaluation of your healthcare system's EMPI and identify data governance requirements, provide steps to improve your patient record duplicate rate, and recommend action steps to meet your EMPI goals.

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Define Your EMPI Strategy

EMPI experts can assist in identifying configuration requirements for specific EMPI solutions, define EMPI requirements, and develop an EMPI maintenance plan for ongoing patient data management.

Successfully Implement An EMPI Solution

EMPI experts can manage your EMPI implementation, including data mapping, interface testing, EMPI duplicate cleanup, and assistance with data governance documentation.

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A Practical Guide to Improving Patient Matching Accuracy eBook

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