EPIC Report Writing Services

You’ve likely realized that report writing for EPIC has its challenges. The Epic Cogito classes at Verona are great, but they don’t quite cover everything you need to master both Caboodle and Clarity. Knowledge gaps can leave your team feeling discouraged and frustrated – it might be time to lean on an expert for support.

Our report writers for EPIC can help you accomplish what you thought couldn’t be done, and empower your team with training to boost their skills and find a new sense of confidence. Whether you’re looking to provide extra capacity to your existing report writing staff or fill in gaps where there is no Hyperspace-delivered solution, you can count on our Epic-certified report writers to provide the additional support to help you get the job done.


EPIC Report Writing Services

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Clarity and Caboodle not working how you expected?

The default approach to reporting from the SQL-based data repositories in Epic isn’t quite what you want for the long term. Let us help you set up a sustainable, easy to maintain, high-performance reporting environment and workflow for your Business Intelligence team. 


Epic training not quite enough?

The Epic Cogito classes at Verona are great, but don't quite cover everything you need to master both Caboodle and Clarity. Our Epic reporting team has 15+ years of experience reporting out of nearly every module in Epic, presented at UGM/XGM, and solved problems from Cogito that don’t come out of the box! Let us teach your team how to do the same. 

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Implementing Epic in Canada?

With experience in both U.S. and Canadian healthcare our team can help bridge the gaps in terminology and module use between how Epic is built for the U.S. market, and how to implement it best in Canadian Health Authorities.  


Need Better Analytics?

Analytic Dashboards are becoming the most important decision-making tool for Executives and Department heads. IatricSystems can work with you to customize views in a variety of Analytic programs, including Qlik and PowerBI using Cogito data.


Become Self-Sufficient with Mentorship and Training

We match up your Cogito programmers with our experts, 1-on-1, on an as-needed basis, so your team doesn’t spin their wheels or get bogged down searching for solutions we’ve already developed. 


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