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Come visit us at HIMSS to talk about Your 2019 Privacy and Security Goals

At HIMSS19, come by the Iatric Systems kiosk #61 in the CyberSecurity Command Center Booth 400.

Watch this video to learn about your peers’ top 2019 cybersecurity challenges and goals



Watch this video to learn how to secure remote access to your network using one tunnel remote access, multi-factor authentication and denying access for out of date BAAs.



Case Study Session: Confront Internal & External Threats

Mark your calendars to attend this presentation: Wednesday, February 13, 10:15am Cybersecurity Command Center - Theater 2

Tackle Your Most Challenging Healthcare IT Issues

Stop by our kiosk #61 in the cybersecurity command center, booth 400  to learn how we can help you Manage Third Party Risk, Prevent Patient Privacy Breaches, and Improve Clinical Workflows.