Interface Software Solutions

Simplify your efforts to exchange data between your healthcare organization and its providers, patients, and community. Turn to Iatric Systems for custom interface software solutions and interfaces that are already built, tested, and ready to implement.

HL7 Interface projects image

Custom Interface Projects:

even if your EHR vendor, or other vendors, say it can’t be done — let us meet your needs. Contact Us.

Point-to-point HL7 interface image

Point-to-Point Interfaces:

standard HL7 interfaces to expedite your integration projects.

 Easily build HL7 interfaces with EasyConnect Jaguar image

EasyConnect Jaguar:

time-saving and cost-efficient interface engine.
Learn more.

HL7 interfaces to physician offices

Physician Office Integration:

exchange data between your EHR and physician EMR systems. Learn more.

Medical device integration image

Accelero Connect©:

quickly and inexpensively integrates your medical devices with your EHR. Learn more.

 Interface for your Computer-Assisted Coding system image

Computer-Assisted Coding Interface:

easily provide your CAC system all the required data from your EHR system and be prepared for the ICD-10 mandates. Learn more.

Sample Iatric Systems HL7 Interfaces:

  • HL7 ADT to Other Vendor
  • HL7 DFT Billing Batches to Other Vendor
  • Vendor HL7 DFT to EHR Billing
  • HL7 ORM LAB Order to Other Vendor
  • HL7 ORU LAB Results to Other Vendor
  • HL7 MFN Dictionaries to Other Vendor
  • Vendor HL7 ORU Clinical Results to EHR
  • HL7 ORU Nursing Results to Other Vendor
  • HL7 ORM HIS Orders to Other Vendor
  • HL7 ORU Departmental Reports to Other Vendor
  • Vendor HL7 ORU Reports to EHR
  • HL7 RDE Pharmacy Orders to Other Vendor
  • Vendor HL7 Dispense to HIS Pharmacy
  • Vendor HL7 Administration to EHR Pharmacy EMAR
  • HL7 Employee Records to Other Vendor
  • Vendor HL7 Employee Records to Payroll System
  • Vendor HL7 Employee Hours to Payroll System
  • HL7 ORM Radiology Orders to Other Vendor
  • HL7 ORU Radiology Reports to Other Vendor
  • Vendor HL7 ORU Reports to Radiology System
  • HL7 SIU Scheduling to Other Vendor

Available Iatric Systems HL7 and Custom Interface Suites:

  • Bedside Patient Documentation
  • Emergency Room Software Interfaces
  • Materials Management Dispensing Interfaces
    • McKesson
    • Omnicell
    • ParExcellence
    • Pyxis
  • Transcription
  • PACS Interface Suite
  • Pharmacy Dispensing Interfaces 
    • McKesson
    • Omnicell
    • Pyxis
  • Pharmacy Bedside Medication Administration
  • Radiology Voice Recognition/Transcription