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Healthcare IT Solutions for Lab Managers and Pharmacists

Whether you’re in the pharmacy or a lab, you strive to treat patients holistically and consider all aspects of a patient’s life when making judgments on treatments. The data matters and that means you need solutions that care about patient outcomes as much as you do.


Eliminate patient identification and specimen labeling errors, improve turnaround times and increase efficiencies during the specimen collection process. MobiLab offers flexibility via a variety of devices allowing you to take advantage of your existing hardware investments. Learn More

MobiLab for Pharmacists and Lab Managers
Accelero Connect Smart Pump ICU for Pharmacists and Lab Managers

Accelero Connect: SmartPump

Connect your hospital’s EHR system to vital sign monitors, smart pumps, and other devices to improve patient safety, increase revenue and more. Accelero Connect® integrates your medical devices with your EHR — regardless of the type of device, manufacturer, or EHR in use at your hospital. Learn More 

Sepsis Management

Detect signs of Sepsis early, with continual monitoring of clinical data that identifies all at-risk patients and reduces Sepsis mortality rates. Sepsis Management™ continually scores patients for all five stages and risk levels, inside the ED and out, give you – and your patients – peace of mind. Learn More

Sepsis Management for Pharmacists and Lab Managers

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