Alert clinicians within their EHR workflow to relevant patient data that resides in other systems, or automatically bring data from other systems into your EHR workflow.

Improve clinical outcomes by providing patient data from other systems right in the clinicians' EHR workflow.

How Clinicians are Transforming Clinical Workflows

View Patient Data from Other Systems Within your EHR Workflow

Integrate MEDITECH Expanse with Third Party Systems

Access Other Systems from Within your EHR

Query the HIE for Patient Data

For HIEs: Get Your Patients Easy Access to HIE Data

Change EHR Button Status Based on Audits

Features & benefits



Many functions are customizable including placement, color, font, and text.



Define business logic and customize alerts to inform clinicians of important information about the current patient record.


Workflow injection

Allows clinicians to easily access patient data from disparate healthcare IT systems and easily inject that information into their workflow.



Alert clinicians to important patient data from multiple systems from within the existing EHR workflow.



Save time and improve efficiency by providing access to the same patient record in other systems, eliminating the need to log in and search for the patient.

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Lower Physician Burnout

Cut the cognitive and physical load on clinicians by making data more accessible from their EHR instead of external systems.

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Customer reviews

This Is What Our Customers Are Saying About FlexButton

– Fermin Barrueto Jr, MD, MBA - Senior Vice President/CMO Medical Staff, University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health System, Inc.

Receiving care alerts via FlexButton will help us coordinate care from a variety of different specialties, from social workers to other clinicians. And specialists will be able to place care alerts in a real-time basis and allow us to improve the overall coordination of care for our patients, which is going to lead to better clinical outcomes.

– Stephen Prouse, Director Applications, University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health System, Inc.

The value of having HIE data available within the EMR is phenomenal. With FlexButton, it’s actually part of the clinicians’ standard workflow now to look at these other sources of data to complete the picture for the patient.

– Bonnie Davis, Director, Application Services, Union Hospital

Our previous workflow was missing the ability to see information from other hospitals and prior visits, and could not launch automatically into the HIE. FlexButton solves these challenges.

– Tim Brady, Director of Information Systems, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital

Physicians now have a more complete view of the patient with FlexButton. They are able to make better care decisions because they now have easy access to previous visits at other care facilities.