Partner Risk Manager helps organizations protect patient privacy and build trust by ensuring due diligence with their vendors and third party relationships and reducing the risk of patient privacy breaches.


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Reduce Patient Privacy Breaches

by ensuring due diligence with your business associates and third-party vendors.

Increase Productivity

through automated workflow logic to determine the specific questionnaires and attributes.

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Reduce Risk

with workflow driven logic for vendor risk management.

Concerned about the RISK associated with your third-party vendors?

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Business Associate Agreement Tracking and Screening

vendor Tracking and Screening

Identify potential risk associated with access to Protected Health Information.

User-Defined Attributes

User-Defined Attributes

Track and search on key information.

Dashboard, Alerts, and Notifications

Dashboard, Alerts, and Notifications

Keep informed of the status of your vendor agreements and related risk.

Integration with Security Audit ManagerTM

Integration with SecureRamp

Deny network access for users with out-of-date Business Associate Agreement.

Pre-Contract Questionnaires

Pre-Contract Questionnaires

Increase productivity through automated workflow logic to determine the specific questionnaires and attributes required.

Risk Evaluation Matrix

Risk determination

Manages third-party risk through automated vendor assignments of risk levels.

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Learn how to assess the risk of access to PHI by your partners.

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