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Discover Medical Device Integration with Accelero Connect®

Connect your hospital’s EHR system to vital sign monitors, smart pumps, and other devices today. Vendor-neutral medical device connectivity is now within reach.


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Reduce Errors

made while programming pumps and documenting vitals.

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Save Nurses Time

by eliminating time they spend manually entering device readings into your hospital’s EHR.

Give Physicians Accurate, Timely Results

so they can assess patients and prescribe appropriate treatments without delay.

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Close the Loop on IV Medication Administration

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Sends results from a variety of device manufacturers to your EHR — so you can choose the equipment that best fits your clinical needs.

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Multiple algorithms ensure that patient matching takes maximum advantage of patient demographics received from devices.

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Data Encryption

Supports encrypted messaging with medical devices for secure transport of HL7 data — an increasingly popular method with wireless medical devices.

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Intuitive User Interface

Web-based user interface provides pre-selection screens so clinicians can easily filter medical device data and quickly select what should be recorded in the legal patient record.

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Patient Management

Optional inbound ADT interface(s) to support positive patient identification and location-based patient matching can accommodate various EHR result matching strategies.

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Wired & Wireless

Connectivity with wired and wireless medical devices.

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