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Healthcare IT Solutions for Privacy and Security Officers

Whether it’s protecting your organization from external threats or monitoring patient privacy internally, you care about the safety of Protected Health Information and understand the risks that target the healthcare industry. Your technology stack has to ensure you’re able to protect your PHI today, evolve for tomorrow, and prevent future threats.

Haystack iS

Discover the next generation in patient privacy monitoring using artificial intelligence. Haystack™ iS helps your privacy experts detect anomalous behavior earlier than ever before. Detect more while saving time with the ability to analyze every access to PHI, remove false positives and show your staff only truly suspicious behavior. Learn More

Haystack iS for Patient Privacy and Security Officers
Field Effect Covalence Internet Security for Patient Privacy and Security Officers


Gain access to a sophisticated cyber threat monitoring platform – Covalence, by Field Effect. This plug-and-play solution is managed by a team of experts who monitors your networks 24/7, looking for anomalies to send curated alerts to your IT team, so you know when to jump into action and proactively prevent threats.

Learn More 

Privacy Managed Services

Protect your patients — and your reputation — against PHI data breaches. When you choose our Patient Privacy Managed Services™, you’ll add skilled consultants and privacy analysts to your team. With expert support that doesn’t break the bank, your patient privacy program will be fully optimized. Learn More

Privacy Managed Services for Patient Privacy and Security Officers

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