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MEDITECH Report Designer Reports and Training

Writing reports in the MEDITECH 6.1 and 6.0 environments can be challenging. Many 6.x hospitals across the United States and Canada rely on iatricSystems report writing expertise. Let us build the MEDITECH Report Designer reports you need. Or, our experts can provide onsite, custom, hands-on training to help your staff build Report Designer reports themselves.


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Save Time

Let our report writing experts address complex requests for you and free up your staff to focus on other IT priorities.

Save Money

We can work on your reports remotely, and we offer discounted blocks of report writing time.

 Save money on MEDITECH Report Designer reports image
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Customize Training to Fit Your Needs

Our on-site, hands-on workshops will give your staff the ability to navigate the Report Designer tool fully, create reports for 6.x M-AT applications, and build rules for more complex, sophisticated reports.


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