We applaud all healthcare workers in your efforts to combat COVID-19. We understand that several organizations are allowing non-clinical staff to work from home. If your organization needs to mobilize your workforce remotely, we can help. The iatricSystems™ team can integrate SecureRamp with your network in less than a week. You'll be up in no time, with the ability to deliver secure access for your employees, enable multi-factor authentication, check the security of your remote devices, and continue to protect access to patient records.

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See how SecureRamp™ can simplify remote connectivity, ensuring secure access to your network and PHI.

Secure Remote Access to Your Network

Features & benefits

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Deny partners access for out of date BAAs and receive notifications for BAAs requiring review.

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Prevent unauthorized access by demanding two or more pieces of evidence for authentication.

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Reduce burden on IT staff by shifting the management of third-party access to iatricSystems.

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Make your network more secure by having all third-party access come through one VPN tunnel.

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Reduce the possibility of malware or ransomware attacks.

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Gain total visibility into third-party vendor access. Get the critical information you need for upper management or auditors.


Determine if third-party remote access is making your network vulnerable.

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customer reviews

We polled CIOs and asked them why they have a need for a solution like SecureRamp, and how it would help them. This is what they had to say:

“The current solutions, or lack of solutions, aren’t in the best interest of our hospital or security in general.”

“The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has expressed interest for hospitals to have information about their vendors' networks and security protocols.” 

“With the OCR focusing on Business Partners, there is an increasing gap for hospitals that isn’t filled with current technology or staff.”

“Many facilities don’t have a handle on how vendors got into the system. Anything that could help address the security challenge is a good idea.”

“This would increase security for many hospitals.”

“Every hospital has a need for increased security.”

“We are not doing a good job of managing vendor connections. A solution like this would be a great way to manage vendors.”