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Security Audit Manager™ Customer Testimonials

Customers share how Security Audit Manager improved patient privacy through automated monitoring.

West Virginia United Healthcare System

“Security Audit Manager brings together audit trails across many disparate systems to give us a complete view of how people are looking at our data. It is allowing us to have a view into applications that we wouldn’t normally audit due to time and resource constraints.”

Mark Combs, Chief Information Security Officer


“Our clients expect us to stay ahead of developments in technologies that are important to their information security and privacy management needs. We recommended Security Audit Manager to our clients, not just because it’s a great solution for detecting and preventing privacy violations and breaches, but more importantly because Iatric Systems has an implementation process that is focused on successful adoption combining their technical expertise and our healthcare consultants' knowledge. They provide a support structure that includes a 24/7 call center, technical support, and an active user group for sharing lessons learned.”

Mac McMillian, CEO CynergisTek, Inc., and Chair HIMSS P&S Steering Committee


“We selected Security Audit Manager because of its intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, proactive and flexible report capabilities, and broad integration expertise that captures patient access audits across our 41 facilities and stores them in a secure, central location.”

Lara Leniton Liss, HIS Attorney and HIPAA Privacy Officer

Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center

“Iatric Systems has a very in-depth understanding of how to integrate with MEDITECH, and they carried the ball for us. The system went in very easily, and we were up and running in a week.”

Jennie Flanagan, Privacy Officer, Director of Compliance and Accreditation

Anderson Hospital

“Security Audit Manager helped significantly improve our employees' compliance with patient privacy policies.”

Michael Ward, Director of Information Systems

Sacred Heart Health System

“Using Security Audit Manager, it’s very easy to determine if a breach has occurred,” Ginger says. “Some people may have thought we couldn’t do it before, but now we can truly see what’s going on!”

Ginger Nowling, HIM Ops and Sys Manager

Newman Regional Health

“Security Audit Manager proactively searches millions of employee audit trail records, allowing privacy and security staff to manage investigation of potential patient data breaches and document the results.”

Beth Cole, Financial System Analyst

Campbell County Memorial Hospital

“Combined with employee education, Security Audit Manager has resulted in a 75% decrease in inappropriate access to patient records. Security Audit Manager automates the auditing process, and saves staff time in other ways, too. In the past, nurses were restricted to patient records by location. Every time a nurse needed to complete documentation after the patient had been moved to another location, we had to temporarily unrestrict access for the user, and then remember to lock it down again afterwards. With Security Audit Manager in place, nurses no longer need to be restricted to patient records by location.”

Cheryl Opfer, Clinical Informatics Analyst