Provide your patients with Quality Care and Management with SmartBoard Vision™

Improves patient care and fiscal management for nursing, lab, pharmacy, and other hospital departments. Helps clinicians evaluate data sets - the possibilities are endless on how your hospital can create boards to track, monitor, and report on a variety of data. Includes the ability to alert for potential COVID-19 diagnosis, as well as track health conditions such as Sepsis, risk of addictions, and more. SmartBoard Vision™ provides the ability to bring data together from many sources, including many hospital systems.




Learn How Saratoga Hospital Uses SmartBoard Vision to Track and Monitor COVID-19

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SmartBoard Vision™ improves patient care for all the areas in the hospital.

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Infinite Uses

Sepsis, quality measures, compliance tracking, scheduling, 30-day re-admission, nursing status boards, pharmacy dashboard, diabetes management, infection control, and many more.

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Presents Real-Time Data

For multiple patients on one screen with custom colors and flyovers to denote higher priorities.

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Allows Hospitals

to define customer criteria for each display

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Streamline Workflows

to provide quality patient care.

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Alert Users

to important information such as abnormal lab values and next intervention due.

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Notification Engine

Provides real-time notification to appropriate staff when hospital-defined criteria are met.

by Devin Dustman | Aug 16, 2022

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