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Webinars and Events Schedule

Register to attend our upcoming webinars and learn about the events we will be attending. We look forward to speaking with you.

webinar Schedule

Please find our list of free upcoming Webinars below which are open to all hospitals:




NPR and Report Designer Tips n Tricks with Joe Cocuzzo
6.1 Reports Migration
The Smarter Way to Protect Patient Privacy
Take Control of Remote Network Access
Connect Your Smart Pumps to MEDITECH
DR Resource Center for MEDITECH Data Repository
Partners and PHI – Understand Your Risk
Specimen Collection with MobiLab®
Manage Partner Relationships and Reduce Your Risk
Make Your MEDITECH Data Repository Reports More Attractive and Functional
Access Patient Data from Other Systems from Within Your EHR
How the Human Factor Impacts Patient Privacy
Saratoga Hospital Connects Smart Pumps to MEDITECH
Connect Your Smart Pumps to MEDITECH
Detect and Treat Sepsis Early
The Smarter Way to Protect Patient Privacy
Specimen Collection with MobiLab®

Please Note: All webinar times listed on the registration page are Eastern Time and most webinars are approximately one hour in duration.

To register, simply click the appropriate Webinar Date which will redirect you to our registration page. After you have submitted your registration request via this site, we will promptly send you a confirmation and instructions on how to participate. If you have any questions or need assistance with the registration process, please contact us via e-mail at webinars@iatric.com.

event Schedule

Please find below a list of upcoming events that Iatric Systems will be attending and/or sponsoring.

For more information about our upcoming events or any other aspect of Iatric Systems, please contact us via e-mail at info@iatric.com.




ANIA - Orlando, FL
Health IT Expo - New Orleans, LA
NCHICA AMC Privacy & Security Conference - Chapel Hill, NC
SHIEC Annual Conference - Atlanta, GA
HCCA Regional - Boston, MA
HCCA Regional - Nashville, TN