Barcode Specimen Collection with MobiLab®

Since 2004, MobiLab has helped more than 300 hospitals and health systems eliminate patient identification and specimen labeling errors, improve turnaround times, and increase efficiencies during the specimen collection process. MobiLab is flexible, available on a variety of devices including iOS and android mobile devices, allowing hospitals to take advantage of existing hardware investments.

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Eliminate mislabeled specimens

with barcode technology to reduce risk and improve patient safety and satisfaction.


Give physicians faster test results

to reduce patient lengths of stay and improve physician satisfaction.


Streamline workflows

through automated stat paging within the handheld or mobile phone, and by eliminating manual processes.

MobiLab phone



Positive Patient Identification

Achieve positive patient identification with wristband barcode scan and confirmation of a second patient identifier.


Accurate Specimen Labeling

Eliminate patient risk and loss of productivity caused by manual specimen labeling errors.


Real-Time Order Updates

Provide the most current order information at the time of blood draw, ensuring the correct number and colors of tubes are collected.


Stat Alerts

Immediate stat order notifications expedite collection providing faster test results to physicians.


Preanalytic Instrument Integration

Electronic transmission of collection time and collector ID provides the required data needed to fully automate the specimen receiving process, maximizing pre-analytic instrumentation return on investment.


Specimen Look Back/Look Ahead

Display both previous and future collections to eliminate unnecessary needle sticks and improve the patient experience.


Top Benefits of MobiLab® Desktop

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